Anything Goes.

My name is Mark
21 years old
kin major at sfsu
Los Angeles is home
I love quesadillas and adventures around the city
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Pershing Square is one of my favorite spots in LA. They have an ice skating rink during the Christmas season that’s cheaper than the ice skating rink at the Third Street Promenade and LA LIVE; and if you enjoy cityscapes as much as I do, you just might enjoy relaxing at Pershing Square while looking up at the skyscrapers that make the LA skyline. As someone who loves architecture, I love looking west of Pershing Square and seeing architecture from the 1990’s, and then looking east of Pershing Square and seeing buildings with intricate architecture from the early 20th century. 

If anyone knows a thing or two about architecture and has a passion for it, it would be great to have him/her with me on my next adventure around LA. 

If you’re in downtown LA this summer on a Wednesday, I highly recommend visiting the Farmer’s Market at Pershing Square and trying the pita quesadillas. They’re so delicious and only cost $5! I’d also recommend trying the free samples of fresh fruit! They also have food trucks and free summer concerts, which I think are a lot of fun as well. 

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