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1) When you’re waiting to board a train, wait for passengers to exit the damn train before you barge your way in. On top of that, keep to the side of the train doors so that you don’t block the way of passengers trying to exit.

2) If you’re sitting in a seat that is designated for seniors or those who are disabled, give up your damn seat for them or don’t sit there at all. It’s common courtesy AND the bus driver and/or other passengers don’t have to waste their time telling you to give it up.

3) If the train is packed, move in more so that other passengers can board the train. If you’re worried about personal space, don’t ride public transportation. When it’s rush hour, everyone is trying to get to their destination just as quickly as you are, so you’re no one special.

4) If the train is packed, the seat next to you is not your personal storage for your belongings, so give that seat to someone who needs to sit.

5) When exiting the subway station on an escalator, keep RIGHT to RIDE the escalator and keep LEFT to WALK up the escalator.

All you suburban people who act like you’re city boys and city girls, are not REAL city boys and city girls if you’re unaware about these basic socially accepted rules for riding public transportation. Don’t believe me? Then you obviously don’t use public transportation in cities like Chicago, New York and San Francisco. And you were obviously born and raised in the suburbs. And you should observe the behavior of people who ride public transportation every day.

I miss it so much, that I created an “I Love L.A.” playlist and have had it on repeat all day… even though the playlist only has four songs:  We Run L.A. by Dr. Hollywood, To Live and Die in L.A. by Tupac, I Love L.A. by Randy Newman, and Los Angeles by Sugarcult. 

Five more days and I’m back in the city of 70-degree winters, AMAZING food from ethnic enclaves you can’t find in the average city, beautiful sunsets, boulevards lined with palm trees, great beaches, and so many other great things that make L.A. home! 

I love L.A. 

Just a few tips for prospective students, especially those who plan on living on campus. 


It’s San Francisco. Although my relationship with this city is love-hate, San Francisco is a great city overall. This city has a lot of breathtaking natural beauty, it’s very small so it’s easy to get around using public transportation (even though Muni sucks), it’s very bike- and pedestrian-friendly, and there are a lot of cute neighborhoods to explore. 

The diversity of our campus is amazing. SF State has got to be one of the most diverse campuses in the country. After visiting many places that are very homogenous, I realized that homogeneity is boring. The concept is hard to explain, but, as someone who has lived around diversity his entire life, there is something about diversity that really enriches your social environment. 

There are a lot of student organizations. You should never feel like you are alone at SF State. This campus is so diverse and there are a lot of student organizations you can get involved with, so I can assure you that there is something on campus for everyone. Obviously, you just have to look at the right places and meet the right people, which should not be too hard if you have an open mind. 


Lack of college atmosphere. If you are looking for a university that has that fun, amazing college atmosphere, this school is NOT for you. SF State is a commuter school (90% of SF State students commute); everyone goes to school for class and then leaves, which results in a dead campus after 6pm. Additionally, not too many students at SF State have school spirit. Lastly, frat rows, sorority rows and a college-friendly neighborhood do not exist at SF State. There is a college atmosphere, but it exists very subtly.

Its location sucks. If you do not like the cold, do not live on campus or in the surrounding neighborhoods because SF State is located in the foggiest part of the city. Don’t believe me? Take the train from SF State to the Castro when it’s mid-July. Additionally, if you’re looking for a neighborhood that actually feels like San Francisco, do not get your hopes up if you plan on living on campus because the area around SF State feels very suburban. If you want the real San Francisco living experience that’s a little more affordable, live in the Richmond District or the Inner Sunset.

We Lakers fans couldn’t care less about the Warriors, but it wasn’t until I moved to the Bay Area when I realized that there is a rivalry between Warriors fans and Lakers fans, even though this “rivalry” is totally one-sided.

This rivalry really confuses me because other than increasing our win percentage, I do not understand why defeating the Warriors would be of any interest to Lakers fans, just as defeating the Lakers is of great interest to Warriors fans. 

Lakers fans are interested in defeating the Heat (Kobe vs. LeBron), the Clippers (battle for L.A.), the Celtics (best rivalry in sports), the Spurs (always a playoff possibility), and even the Kings (hatred that goes back to 2002). But why, oh why, would we give two fucks about the Bay Area’s basketball team? 

I will admit, Stephen Curry is a great basketball player and will do great things for a franchise that is FINALLY rising out of the ashes, but until the Warriors meet the Lakers in the Playoffs and make it a great series, the Golden State Warriors will always be irrelevant to Lakers fans.

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Okay Why all the SF hate?
freshh-meat freshh-meat Said:

I don’t hate San Francisco. I actually think it’s a great city and I love living there. I just need a break from San Francisco because there are things about the city that make living there frustrating sometimes. 

Everything in bold is either something that has been crossed out or added.

  1. Celebrate New Years at Times Square. 
  2. Experience rush hour in Tokyo. 
  3. Create a bucket list with my future boyfriend. Summer 2013
  4. Go camping at Yosemite National Park. 
  5. Go on a road trip along Pacific Coast Highway.
  6. Take a helicopter tour of one of the Hawaiian islands.
  7. Visit New Orleans and listen to live jazz music.
  8. Go to a Lakers game during the playoffs.
  9. Walk around Boston wearing my Lakers gear.
  10. Meet Enrique Iglesias, Adam Levine or Bradley Cooper.
  11. Ride an elephant in a foreign country. 
  12. Go rock climbing… REAL rock climbing.
  13. Get swept off my feet with an unbelievable date. 
  14. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  15. Go on a Disney date during the Christmas season.
  16. Visit a haunted house. 
  17. Get a straight guy to make out with me. 
  18. Experience Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. 
  19. Visit the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.
  20. Go skydiving in Hawaii. 
  21. Be taken on an unforgettable, spontaneous adventure. 
  22. See Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) in person.
  23. Go parasailing in a tropical island. 
  24. Ride two intense roller coasters at Six Flags. 4/27/2012
  25. Go to a Lakers game during the regular season. 
  26. Be a Lakers season ticket holder. 
  27. Be taken on a date that truly sweeps me off my feet. 
  28. Attempt to find my way out of a corn maze. 
  29. Meet Daniel Radcliffe. 
  30. Go to a Lakers game on the road. 
  31. Go whitewater rafting. 
  32. Own a room with an amazing city view. 
  33. Go on a spontaneous trip away from the city. 
  34. Swim with dolphins. 
  35. Go to a gay club. 08/10/2012
  36. Go hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro. 
  37. Witness the great migration in the Serengeti.  
  38. Scuba dive in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  39. Get drunk at a wine tasting. 
  40. Go on a zip lining adventure in the forest. 
  41. Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean.
  42. Fall asleep outdoors while watching a meteor shower
  43. Go on a cruise of the Fjords of Norway
  44. Kiss someone under some waterfalls. 
  45. Spend New Year’s in a different continent.
  46. Go kayaking and tip over the kayak. 
  47. Learn how to surf.
  48. Have a picnic at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. 
  49. Go on my first dateApril 27, 2012
  50. Learn how to shoot a gun.
  51. Visit the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood. 05/27/2012 
  52. Buy a Pau Gasol jersey. 
  53. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
  54. Visit Rio, Rome, Istanbul, Shanghai, or Bangkok by 2017.
  55. Build an awesome fort with somebody.  
  56. Be an LA tour guide for someone who has never been to LA.
  57. Visit Cedar Point in Ohio. 
  58. Hear one of my favorite love songs played on the saxophone. 
  59. Become someone’s godfather. 
  60. Meet my favorite porn star, Tyler Torro
  61. Get my right ear pierced January 31, 2013
  62. Go to San Francisco Pride June 29, 2013 
  63. Have my first boyfriend July 1, 2013
  64. Get kissed underneath the mistletoe
  65. Have a New Year’s kiss 
  66. Have my number one sexual fantasy come to life 
  67. Live in New York City. 
  68. Throw a hotel party.
  69. Go to Vegas with a great group of friends. 
  70. Make $100 in tips as a server at a restaurant. 
  71. Graduate from San Francisco State University
  72. Own a Corgi and name him Meeko 
  73. Go to a Dodgers game. 
  74. Create my own cocktail 
  75. Go to a shooting range 

The gate for my flight to LA changed from 76A to 85 to 77B to 76A and then back to 85 -___-

If you knew how big the United Airlines terminal is at SFO, you would know how much walking was involved.

San Francisco has one of the worst public transportation systems in the country. Yes, it’s accessible to everyone and it can get you anywhere, but it’s highly unreliable and inefficient.

While other metropolitan areas are taking the initiative to get riders to their destination faster, Muni remains forever slow.

Ride any bus system in this city and there’s a stop every two streets, even on both ends of a block. How does that make any sense?!

Muni’s schedule is inconsistent. As I’m typing this all out, I just waited 18 minutes for a bus! The next bus after this is coming in 4 minutes. Is there no set schedule for the buses like any normal city?!

It takes me 50 minutes to get from my apartment to work, which is a 5.5-mile bus ride. I know people who can bike faster in that distance. It takes me 30 minutes to get from school to work, which is a 7-mile TRAIN ride. You would think trains would get you to your destination faster. These numbers alone prove how unreliable Muni is.

San Francisco, please do something about your shitty public transportation system.

This would never happen in New York… or Chicago… or Boston.

Monthly Muni Pass holder